Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are critical safety features that will detect smoke or fire in your home or office. They should be professionally installed and maintained, to ensure your family or staff can be safe.

Why are smoke alarms important?

Smoke alarms are legally required to be installed in your home or commercial building, as they are essential in reducing the risk of fire. They are designed to detect smoke and trigger an alarm, allowing you to identify the cause of the problem and either put out the fire or solve the problem. Having an effective, working alarm ensures you can feel safe at home, as you will have a warning if there is a fire. They keep millions of family across Australia safe and must be installed by law in Australia.

What smoke detector should you use?

Photoelectric Alarms are the preferred smoke alarm type in Perth. They have a photo cell and a light beam that shines away from the photo cell. If smoke enters the alarm, it will cause light particles to scatter and activate the photo cell, which will then trigger the alarm. Photoelectric Alarms are ideal for the detection of house fires because of their reaction to smoke. They must however be cleaned and maintained to ensure bugs, dust and mites are not entering and interfering with the unit.

According to WA guidelines, smoke alarms should be positioned in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and, for new installations, be permanently connected to the mains power. For homes built after 1 May 2015 the alarms should also be interconnected.

Positioning also varies based on the size and levels of your home, so it is important to ensure that your alarms are placed in accordance with the Code, Chat to Voltage Electrical for more information on smoke alarm compliance and whether your alarms should be updated.

Is your smoke alarm going off for no reason?

There are several reasons why smoke alarms go off without cause:

The battery is old and should be changed (if the unit is not mains power connected)
The smoke alarm is too close to areas of smoke, condensation and heat - such as unit is the kitchen, laundry or bathroom
The alarm is old or faulty
There are dust, mites or bugs in the smoke alarm
There is an issue with the smoke alarm’s wiring
Alarms should be replaced every ten years, as this is typically their lifespan. If you are finding that the alarm is sounding regularly for no reason, or you are not sure on the age of your alarms, then it would be worthwhile scheduling a licensed electrician to inspect the alarms and let you know if they need repairs or replacement.

Your electrician may also suggest that you use the exhaust fans in your kitchen more regularly or an update on the placement of smoke detectors, if they are going off regularly,

By law you need to have smoke alarms that are functional and working correctly installed in your home or business. So contact Voltage Electrical today for more information or to book an appointment.

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