Smart lighting

Smart lighting is the connection of your lights to the internet, allowing you to control them through your mobile device, Alexa (Google Assistant) or through any other internet connected device. From a technological point of view, this is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) – where devices can be tech connected and controlled.

Smart homes have been becoming increasingly popular as home owners look to simplify their lives and make their homes more energy and cost efficient. Lighting has been one of the earliest technologies to become connected, whereby you can turn lights on and off, dim them to change the brightness, or change the mood in your home through a different hue or filter, all without the use of a switch.

Smart lights are typically integrated throughout the entire home or business, connecting them to a central control system. They can be controlled through voice, using a smart assistant, or through an App. They offer remote activation, so if you forget to turn the lights off or on, you can do this from wherever you are, providing increased energy efficiency to save you money and to do your bit for the environment. The cost of installing smart lights in your home can be fairly quickly recuperated through the cost savings that you are able to make through the efficiency of the lighting system. Typically, LED lights are used in a smart lighting system, which are highly cost efficient and last significantly longer than the halogen equivalents. This also adds to the cost savings possible with this kind of solution.

Smart lighting can also be integrated as part of a larger solution, that incorporates access control and security systems, creating a holistic smart home that simply relies on wifi to operate. There are many accessories that a smart home can incorporate, depending on your needs and lifestyle.

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