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Powering Your Brewery’s Water Filtration System: A Guide for Perth Brewers

For any Aussie craft brewery, achieving that perfect pint relies on a delicate balance of ingredients and processes. But brewers know the magic truly starts with the water. Water makes up 90% of your beer, so its quality has a massive impact on taste, aroma, and clarity. That’s where your water filtration system comes in, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your H2O is primed for brewing greatness.

Ensuring your water filtration system is powered correctly is vital for its smooth operation and consistent results. But have you considered the power behind this crucial piece of equipment? In this regard, Voltage Electrical Contracting, a trusted electrical company in Perth, can help you. They dive into the key factors to consider when powering your brewery’s water filtration system.

  1. Understanding Your System’s Electrical Needs:

Every water filtration system is unique, with varying power requirements. Before diving into electrical work, consult your system’s manual or manufacturer for specific electrical specifications. This will detail voltage, amperage, and any special circuit requirements.

  1. Circuit Capacity and Dedicated Circuits:

Water filtration systems can draw significant power. A crucial step is ensuring your existing electrical circuit can handle the additional load. Overloading a circuit can lead to tripping breakers, overheating wires, and fire hazards. Installing a dedicated circuit specifically for your water filtration system might be necessary in some cases.

  1. Safety First – Grounding and GFCI Protection:

Breweries are inherently humid environments, making proper grounding essential for the safety of your staff. To avoid electrical shock, a licensed electrician will ensure that your water filtration system is correctly grounded. Additionally, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets can provide extra protection in case of accidental water contact with electrical components.

  1. Inspection and Maintenance:

Regular electrical inspections are vital for any brewery. A qualified electrician from Voltage Electrical Contracting can inspect your water filtration system’s electrical components, ensuring everything functions safely and efficiently. This proactive approach can prevent future problems and costly downtime.

At Voltage Electrical Contracting, we understand the importance of a reliable electrical system for your brewery’s success. Our team of Perth-based, licensed electricians has the expertise and experience to handle all your brewery’s electrical needs, from water filtration systems to brewery equipment installation. We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services in Perth, ensuring your brewery runs smoothly and safely so you can focus on what you do best—crafting exceptional beer.

Partnering with the Best Electrician in Perth

Our team of electricians at Voltage Electrical Contracting in Perth are highly skilled and experienced. We specialise in providing electrical services for breweries and can ensure that your water filtration system is powered safely and correctly.

Our services include:

  • Micro-Brewery Electrical Installation & Maintenance: We specialise in installing and maintaining electrical systems for micro-breweries, covering a wide range of brewery equipment installations, including brewing kettles, fermentation tanks, refrigeration units, bottling lines, control panels, and more.
  • Water Treatment Electrical Installations & Maintenance: Our service provides electrical services for water treatment processes in breweries, ensuring the efficiency of crucial electrical components used in water purification for brewing. Additionally, we offer specialised services for brewery plumbing and the installation and maintenance of draft beer systems.
  • Can, Bottle & Keg Filler Electrical Installations & Maintenance: We specialise in installing and maintaining electrical systems for canning, bottling, and keg-filling equipment in beverage production facilities, ensuring reliable brewery automation.
    And much more

Ready to improve your brewery’s water filtration system? Contact Voltage Electrical Contracting today for a consultation. Let’s ensure your craft beer has the perfect foundation for success right from the power source. We’re here to help you brew on!



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